Brooklyn Brewery Expansion: The Warehouse


Brooklyn Brewery has recently started an exciting new expansion of their brewery in Williamsburg.  They are expanding their Brooklyn brew house into an unused warehouse that has lived through many incarnations, most recently being an overnight parking facility for trucks.

The warehouse, currently under construction, will eventually be a state of the art brewing facility that will not only be adjacent, but will be attached to the current brew house. This expansion will substantially increase their brewing capability at their Brooklyn facility; it will more than triple the output of barrels per year.

The Beer Friends have been given an exciting opportunity to visit the brewery and watch the expansion from the start.  From photos of bare dirt floors to videos of them installing the shiny new brew kettles, we will provide you with an exclusive insight into a rarely seen construction process from it’s very rough beginnings to it’s beer brewing end.

First, we will set the scene by showing you the warehouse as it sat empty.  This is what it looked like after Brooklyn Brewery began to scrub it of its previous occupants, but before any of the major renovations started…

The empty warehouse.
Column 6
The South Wall
From North to South

The Loading Dock

Some Ceiling Repair
Looking East at Column 8
The Door in the Northeast Corner

The West half of the North Wall

The East half of the North wall with the 12th St. Entrance

The West Wall from the Loading Dock

The West Wall from the 11th St. Entrance

Remnants of this warehouse's many past lives

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